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Recognition Award:
Kat, I want to thank you for helping Amy LaSalle with a graphic for the Test Development PowerPoint presentation we gave earlier this week. Of all the slides presented, the group liked the slide with your graphic the best. The information was clearly presented and very readable. They especially liked that you grouped the boxes for a particular phase by color. Thank you for your speedy help and great product.

Patricia Denny, Vice President

A big thanks goes out to Kat. You're a wonderful asset to the company. Your expertise in tagging documents and the detail involved leaves me speechless.

Amy Baron-Gomez, Graphic Designer

No cleanups on that stack you just gave me. All the edits were done perfectly. Thank you!

Tim Stewart, Editor

Thank you Kat! Your extra effort really helped with our deadline for this late work. It's very much appreciated!

Patrick O'Connell, Manager

I want to thank Kat for doing a fantastic job on a very difficult document with inserts pulled from other documents. It was a mess and Kat did a remarkable job. Kudos!!

Janet Jerzycki, Editor

Thank you Kat! Your extra effort really helped with our deadline for this late work. It's very much appreciated!

David Espinoza, Supervisor

Great job with incorporating all the edits! There wasn't a single requested edit that was missed. Thank you again for all your help this weekend!

Michael Biederman, Senior Project Coordinator

Kat and David, Thanks for letting us assist on this project, it was a great opportunity to work with your team and learn more about the tagging process. Kat is miles ahead of anyone I've met so far at Pearson for this type of work, and we look forward to working together more in the future.

Levon Spradlin Technology Project Manager


  Psychonomic Society  

Psychonomic Society
Over the past three and a half years, I’ve relied on Kat to produce images and figures representing highly specialized, technical information.

It is often necessary for Kat to interpret data provided by clients before she can present it in a graphical way. She has a gift for turning words and ideas into evocative images, and she consistently improves upon any image, sketch, or “concept” that lands on her desk.

When Kat is involved in a project, the results are stellar, and that makes the whole team look good. Kat is a genuine professional with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things “graphic.”

I highly recommend this talented artist.

Chris Dolejs, MA, Editor

Kat, I forwarded your e-mail to those authors to all the copy editors and proofreaders so they could see how damn smart and good you are at this.

Hi all,
I bet none of you have completely realized how much Kat knows, and how carefully and thoroughly she strives to do her work. This is her detailed response to the concerns of an author of whom she has said elsewhere, "I think I have a new winner in the "Most Anal-Retentive Author" contest, at least as figures go." Thought you all might like to see this...

John E. Bellquist, PhD, Managing Editor

Wow. Psychonomic is very fortunate. She is a treasure, I would say.

Response to John from an editor

Kat, your stellar skills and cheerful willingness to do whatever we throw at you is a huge windfall to this company’s ability to pull ahead this past year and maintain our goals this year. You have been a huge help in training others, maintaining our computer systems, keeping us ahead with graphics, coordinating with the print house, and more. Thank you for being here, and I look forward to another productive year.

Cinnamon Nemec, Director

Kat, I am thrilled to have you here. Your interest in trying new things is so refreshing. I appreciate your help with the upkeep of the computers and feel comfortable enough not to think about the computers unless they are directly brought to my attention. I asked John for his input on typesetting, and he agrees that you are doing a great job as tech point person. Your hard work, willingness to learn, positive attitude, and ability to work within a team setting are all enormous assets. I look forward to completing the journal redesign with your help and to taking on other projects.

Cinnamon Nemec, Director

Although you have been here a relatively short time, your enthusiasm as you fully take on any task has proved invaluable, You are already a valuable employee shown by the thorough and professional methods you use as you tackle each new assignment in the changing environment of the typesetting department. I’ve no doubt your growth as you continue to learn as a typesetter for Psychonomic will follow along the same lines. I look forward to your continued input and willingness as we evaluate, choose, and refine new structures and procedures in your area.

Cinnamon Nemec, Director

Hard worker, willing and able to learn, good technical knowledge re: computers. Has done well being the point person for tech, and has done a very good job of overseeing the preparation of plates for the print shop.

John E. Bellquist, PhD, Managing Editor



You like to do good work, and it shows in the materials that you create. Very nice-looking pieces.

Regarding attention to detail: Oh yeah, everyone, and I mean everyone lists this attribute as one of your strengths.

You know what you need to get the job done, and you communicate that well with your team.

You do good research on programs and software. I trust your judgment, and rely on your recommendations. Having you figure out the archive situation was a great help to me (and the agency).

You document process very well, and are good at communicating the info to the teams that need it via email.

You are very good at figuring out new software and procedural systems. This makes me very happy.

Looks for and recommends ways to improve things when necessary, which is often.

When you take on a project, you make it your own. The work that you did on the next generation of Compaq filers was excellent. I didn’t have to get involved at all. You coordinated all the templates, babysat and fine-tuned them until they worked, and then revisited them after the fact to realign them all before we moved on to the next month. All without anyone having to tell you what to do, when, or why. You just knew that that was the way it needed to be because of your extensive experience in working with digital files. You were totally awesome, and made the life of the Compaq team, the graphics department, and myself a lot easier. It was a big project and you coordinated it from the beginning to end. A huge difference from the first time that we did the damn things. Thank you.

You have good judgment and assimilate suggestions easily.

Attitudinally, you are always willing to jump in and help in a crisis situation. You are definitely an ace in the hole, and I am genuinely relieved when I can hand stuff off to you. I know that it will be done right, and I don’t have to worry about it. Very nice working with you.

You desire to do good work, smoothly, and efficiently. Desire to improve your skills and diversify what you do for the teams you work on. Interest in nifty technology that will make our job easier and more fun. You keep your cool, and you support the people you work with. Your attention to detail is legendary.

K. Diane Bell, Graphics Department Manager

Kat possesses a demanding eye for detail. You can rely on her projects to be precise and clean.


You build rock solid files, and your broad range of skills allows you to troubleshoot the whole file instead of just the Quark file.

You are always willing to help someone with a question or concern and help them figure out the best way to solve a technical problem. This is an asset that our team benefits from.

Everyone loves working with you. I haven’t heard a bad word from anyone concerning your personality or work ethic. You have a lot of fans at SicolaMartin.

You seem to relish difficult, labor intensive files, and do them flawlessly.

You are a major support of the Graphics Department. You turn in more projects in less time than any part of my team. I’m glad you are on my team, and I look forward to working with you more in the coming months (and years, if all goes well.)

K. Diane Bell, Graphics Department Manager

I love Kat. She makes me laugh even when she’s not trying. She is a meticulous graphic artist. I often find myself giving her the really messed-up profiles because I know that the profile that I get back will be perfect. She is an error-free worker and that really saves us time in the long run.


We gave Kat an ugly chart to go in a profile. The chart was probably eight pages long and had extensive changes on every page. I thought we were going to have to route this many times. Kat nailed every change on the first time.


  Bells Advertising  

Bells Advertising
Thank you for always having the artwork and layouts done correctly and finished on time! We really appreciate!

Note from a team of five people

Just wanted to let you know that I think the HSI Volunteer Postcard is beautiful, just BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you!

Kat was very effective in stepping up to help cover the extra art and production management needs of the company.

It should be particularly noted that Kat did a great job in helping evaluate and recommend new equipment for the art department.

Don Bormaster, Marketing Department Director

Once again, I get the luxury of bragging.... This morning Tina, whom I consider to be the most professional and credible contact with whom I network, called to rave and rave about the outstanding work that we created for her. She showed our designs to the graphics staff and they were also extremely excited about the logos. Getting to receive such praise for Bells International made me so happy and proud. It is only fitting that I let you all know that the American Pharmaceutical Association is once again delighted with our work. Thank you Kat, and the graphics division, for once again making us LOOK SO GOOD!!!

I received a fax today on how fabulous the NBCAM catalog looks. I talked with the rep later and she stated that she really like the order form on the back and she believed this catalog was a big improvement over last year’s catalog. Overall the piece was simply fabulous. “It looks great,” she kept saying.

Rhonda Forbes Kingston, Program Coordinator


  National Instruments  

National Instruments
Thank you for doing such a good job on the 16X. The tables, graphics, and bit maps are especially nice. Thanks!

Kat keeps track of several projects at once, and finishes tasks when she’s estimated she would. Kat is a diligent and dedicated person who understands the importance of deadlines.

Kat is especially good at creating graphics and has helped to improve the quality of the art in manuals across the product lines with her work on the Art Style Guide. She is also good at correcting materials to meet the formatting standards in the Format Guide.

The data acquisition writers and I have come to depend on Kat. She is a very hard worker who will do whatever is asked of her.

Kat is easy to give tasks to, and is tactful in pointing out oversights to the writers. She is professional in her work ethic.

Traci Hensley, Manager

You’re appreciated because of the excellent job you did on the NI-DSPSRM for Macintosh! Thank you a million times over! for helping me keep my head on straight!

Leah, Technical Writer